Meet the team



Tony Marriner - Manager

At Ranger’s since 1989, Tony is our shop manger and has been working in the furniture trade since his apprenticeship at age 16. Tony has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all our furniture and is able to provide you with real insight into our extensive product ranges. But it doesn’t stop there - Tony is also our carpet and flooring expert - what Tony doesn’t know about flooring isn’t worth knowing!

Tony is also our Customer Service guru and if there ever is a problem with anything you buy from us then Tony will get it sorted quickly and efficiently and with minimum fuss to you.




Trevor Bowden - Sales & Logistics

Trevor started at Ranger’s at the tender age of 16 as full time delivery assistant and worked on the vans for 12 years. As a result Trevor has an unrivalled knowledge of the local area and in an expert at getting furniture into customer’s homes - no matter how much it looks like it won’t go!

After a brief stint away in the Jewellery trade Trevor rejoined Ranger’s on the showroom floor as a salesman and oversees most of the repairs we do ‘in house’. Trevor has a fantastic knowledge of all our products and is an expert in beds, chairs & recliners and cabinet furniture.






Rhian Kirk

Rhian Kirk, wife of James and mother of Tom, works in the accounts department at Ranger’s. She has a keen eye for colours and fabrics and is often consulted on the look and feel of the shop displays.

Often found on the shop floor extolling the virtues of our British made furniture to customers, Rhian has been an integral part of the Ranger’s team for over 30 years. If she is in the shop she is normally accompanied by the shop golden retrievers - Harley and Ripley who are always keen to greet the customers when they come in the office to pay.




James Kirk

A fourth generation family member, James Kirk is the senior Partner at Ranger’s Furnishing Stores and has been at the helm of the business for nearly forty years. Staring his career as a manager at Habitat in Guildford and moving to Ranger’s to work with his father, Ray, in 1976 - James has been instrumental in the growth and success of the business since he started.

An expert buyer of furniture James is always on the look out for the latest trends and fashions but never at the expense of quality and price. This attitude, along with an unerring commitment to customer satisfaction has led to Ranger’s being one of the most trusted businesses on the High Street.

Like his father before him James is a lifelong member of Brightwell Tennis club in Farnham and is still a regular player in the mixed and mens A teams not to mention 2015 Mixed Doubles Champion!


 Tom Kirk

As the fifth generation of the family, Tom joined his father James as a Partner in Ranger’s in 2009. Tom has dragged Ranger’s into the 21st century with the addition of a new company website, a re-vamped showroom and fresh new ranges in the upholstery and bed departments. Tom is a keen student of the industry and can often be found asking furniture manufacturers obscure technical questions so he can pass all the detail he can onto his customers.

Tom led the decision to join the Minerva Furnishers Guild giving the business exclusive access to special ranges of furniture and pricing promotions.

Creating value and quality for Ranger’s customers drives every decision that Tom makes for the business but he never forgets the rich heritage that comes before him. Proud to be a part of one of the oldest family businesses in Farnham, Tom is keen to remain an essential part of the town’s community for many years to come.

Tom has two young sons, Oscar and Elliot, and who knows, perhaps they will be the sixth generation of the business?