2 Seater sofa in fabric 3617, small scatter cushions in 3640, antique ash feet. 3 Corner 3 (Group 1) in fabric 3618, large scatter cushions in 3020, small scatters in 3640, antique ash feet. Accent chair in fabric 3640, antique ash legs. Legged ottoman in fabric 3020, antique ash legs.
Accent chair in fabric 3458, grey ash legs. Grand sofa in fabric 3908, large scatter cushions in 3458, small scatter cushions in 3698, grey ash feet.
1 Corner 3 RHF (Group 5) in fabric 3918 large scatter cushions in 3027, small scatter cushions in 3547, grey ash feet. Legged ottoman in fabric 3027, grey ash feet.
2 Corner 1 LHF (Group 7) in fabric 3737, large scatter cushions in 3457, grey ash feet
Accent chair in fabric 3365, antique ash legs. 1 Corner 3 RHF (Group 5) in fabric 3888, large scatter cushions in 3125, small scatter cushions in 3365, antique ash feet. Legged ottoman in fabric 3125, antique ash legs.
Canto Corner Sizes 1 to 4
Canto Corner Sizes 5 to 8

Canto Corner Sofa

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Introducing the highly anticipated Canto corner sofa, a stunning piece of modern furniture that will elevate your living space. The sofa boasts a unique design feature with its hand-finished 'see-through' feet made from solid ash, which beautifully complement the gently curved arms. The feet create an elegant look at the base of the sofa, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall look.

To complement the Canto sofa, we also offer the stylish Hugo accent chair, which seamlessly continues the design theme. The exposed ash show-wood flows around the outside of the arm to form the legs of the chair, paying homage to the famous Scandinavian architect. The Hugo accent chair is the perfect addition to your home, adding both comfort and style to any room.


  • Choice of feet and leg finishes
  • 10 year structural guarantee
  • 10 year cold cure seat cushion guarantee